Treatment and Maintance Outdoor Furniture

The following are some tips for keeping your Teak Furniture Furniture Caring preserved:

  • Keep furniture surfaces well, avoid scratches, stains and colors are more dull,
    for example by always using a cloth over the surface of a table or chair and sofa were given foam as its base. The cloth can minimize the possibilities that can damage your antique furniture slowly

  • Place your furniture in a place that has a normal temperature and not humid.
    Try also to ensure that the furniture is not exposed to direct sunlight or other heat sources directly, because it can make your furniture looks dull, cracked or warped layer.
  • Clean between carving or corner of your teak furniture using a small soft brush.
    At these points often nest dust and mold. Small brush to sweep the corners are difficult to reach with a rag. Wipe with a fine brush to clean.
  • Use Wax (Liquid Coating Furniture) or pledge to clean the surface of your furniture.
    Spray a pledge to the surface of furniture and wood furniture sidelines. Spray as needed. Should not be excessive. Pledge can be found in a furniture store or market.
  • Teak furniture surface that has been cleaned with a pledge should be cleaned with a cloth ball. Then left to dry. Cloth ball can be purchased at a hardware store.
    Clean up your Teak Furniture Furniture in this way at least once a month. To clean the dust – the dust sufficient wipe with a cloth Cotton / socks only.each handling should be done with caution example, by moving a chair should be removed from the holder, not shifted or simply held the arm or back support only. Because you never know, if the connection is not as strong as the previous chair. Re antique furniture polish, at least 2-3 years to keep it charming.
  • With regular care of your teak furniture is guaranteed both minimalist and engraving will be preserved throughout the period and can become a family legacy furniture. Let’s raise Furniture Teak Furniture consumption in the country to help preserve the art of carving and furniture Jepara and develop as one of the original product richness Indonesia