Tips to choice furniture

The house is a primary need of man which is very important. home is where we shelter our stopover, unwind after undergoing a routine, and so forth. however, a house without furniture also can be likened to cook rice without water, that proverb that I made.

Home furnishings is the primary means of support such as a chair, cupboard, Cots / Beds, and other goods. while the current trend is minimalist furniture such as chairs guests minimalist, minimalist dining table, buffet minimalist TV, and so on.

The furnishings consist of various types of materials, one of which is a wood products ie furniture / Furniture Jepara. best furniture products as a barometer in Indonesia is Furniture Jepara. in terms of construction, the model, the process of making, carving to painting finishing, Furniture Jepara remain underdog because people do who are already experts in the field of furniture for many years. Jepara people already know and producing furniture since childhood. even Jepara furniture is the main axis of the economy in Jepara. in terms of price Jepara furniture cheap but quality is maintained because it directly from the manufacturer of furniture from Jepara.

when you are planning to buy cheap but good quality furniture Jepara no one you understand some of how to choose the right product from Jepara furniture so that you are satisfied with the products you buy.

The following Jepara furniture how to choose the right product:

1. Avoid Furniture contained termites
termites are small holes that are in teak, teak termite occurs because the house is made by a small insect that causes occurred in teak wood powder. jepara people used to call this insect under the name “Trocoh”.

2. Select Material teak wood furniture that have been aged 30 years (if possible using wood from forestry)
As much as possible choose teak furniture using teak wood OLD, old teak wood itself has several characteristics that include solid wood fibers, wood weight too much weight, the color of the wood sorrel and evenly. if hard chose old teak wood, more easily you chose TPK Wood (Wood Auction Place) Teak Perhutani already sure to have the age old wood, at least 20 years.

3. Finishing Products Good and bekualitas
one determines the Jepara furniture finishing products that nice is see furniture that is moved at seeing the color is evenly distributed across all products, finishing thick and also all the wood pores closed finishing. and as much as possible using the best-in-class finishing materials. for more convenience, the product can be touched, if the finish is good, then the product will be very delicate when in hold. furniture surface is not too bumpy board.

4. Construction Furniture should be strong
one way of knowing whether or not a construction of teak furniture products which by the way: if the furniture is in use, then the user will feel very comfortable, Jepara furniture products are also very sturdy when in use. perting the construction of a teak furniture is symmetrical.

5. Select the original Jepara Furniture
Jepara is the industrial center of teak furniture, so that the product Jepara furniture has become furniture international scale, so that the products produced in Jepara have good quality, as is evident with the until now still many customer foreigners who entrust the needs of the furniture in their countries to be made in Jepara. it is at the Jepara advantage of the products produced.

Thus tips on how to choose quality products from our Jepara furniture. please book Jepara furniture products and do not hesitate in terms of quality if you are indeed ordering direct from Jepara Jepara because people are already experts in the field of the furniture. If you are planning to buy furniture / furniture cheap but good quality and come directly to Jepara online store can order and direct contact center Jepara furniture cheap but good quality.