Teak wood

Who does not know the name of the legendary wood of this quality? Teak trees can grow to a height of 30-40 meters. Teak is a type of tree that has leaves that are wide and have a characteristic, with leaves that fall when it dries. Teak tree itself is a type of tree that grows in the tropical rain forest with a temperature between 27-37 degrees.

Scientific classification of teak trees

Kingdom: Plantae
Division  : Magnoliophyta
Class      : Magnoliopsida
Order    : lamiales
Genus    : Tectona
Species  : Tectona Grandis

This tree is also one type of tree whose growth rate is slow and low, so it takes a long time to wait until the teak tree can be utilized wood. This tree is one of the plants that produce wood with outstanding quality and already famous around the world. Lots of items are made of teak wood has a very long durability.

Here are the characteristics and the main properties of teak wood:

  • Has the strength and durability are excellent
  • Light brown to dark brown
  • Easily cut – cut and easily processed into many products
  • not easily deformed due to weather changes.
  • Weighs heavy and sturdy
  • Types of teak

By their very nature are strong, tough, durable and not easily change shape, then teak mostly used as raw material, the following:

  1. Ships – Since the Dutch colonial era, teak has been used as the manufacture of ships, and also before it was dimanfaaatkan as materials for fishing boats.
  2. Houses – House in antiquity and some houses in rural areas still rely on teak wood as the basic material of manufacture, rather than using cement and bricks. Currently the manufacture tumah with teak wood commonly encountered in mountainous areas, as well as villas and rest houses in place of the general tourist places.
  3. Furniture and furniture – Nature teak easy cut and processed, making teak wood is often used as a raw material for making furniture and ornate furniture. It is like sandalwood many benefits made for furniture.

Examples of furniture and wood furniture made of teak wood:

  • Dining table
  • Seat
  • Wardrobe
  • Frames and doors and windows
  • Bed
  1. Garnish House of Wood
    Benefits of teak wood is often used as materials for carving and decoration as well as an attractive home decoration, with teak distinctive colors and durable. Here are some types of carvings and ornaments home decoration made of teak wood base material:
  • Wall carvings
  • Picture frames
  • Engraving on frames and doors
  • Making the display pajangan
  1. Gazebo
    Gazebo is a kind of a small hall which is usually located at the park, and can be useful as a place to gather and relax. Benefits teak, can make this park houses with strong, even waterproof.
  2. Decorative outdoor
    In addition to being the gazebo, there’s more other outdoor decorations are made using teak wood as basic materials. This is caused by the quality of teak which are not easily changed even if constantly exposed to rain or heat. Outdoor decorations are made of teak wood, among others:
  • Park bench
  • Swing
  • Pole garage
  1. Being parquet floor covering or lining – One function of teak as a decoration is to be used as parquet. Parquet is a type of wood layer that covers the floor. Thus, the floor of the house no longer use or ceramic tile. This of course will add to the aesthetic value of the decoration of a room.
  2. Pillar for houses, and others.