Jepara furniture

Jepara furniture, was always known for its quality to the entire archipelago. Teak furniture products such as beds, guest chairs, dining chairs, dining table, cupboard, sideboard, dresser, leather sofa, sofa, shelves, bedside table etc. even been worldwide up to foreign countries.

Indo Jepara Furniture is a furniture company furniture from Jepara. We sell a wide range of products of wood furniture Jepara, either wholesale or retail, both local and export. Furniture products we do use high quality materials, with material from teak, mahogany, etc. As well as in working with experts in the field of energy, thus making a quality product, and can be reached at low prices. The products we make include: wardrobe, display cabinets, chairs, office table, sideboard, dining table sets, bed room set, a set of chairs, bookcases, sofa, desk, dresser and other wooden furniture products. The products are suitable to fill your new home, hotels, restaurants and your apartment. We also accept custom orders so that the customer can choose the product that suits the needs required.

Our furniture company offers quality furniture products and also the convenience of shopping online. With our motto “HIGH QUALITY BEST PRICE” we’ll make sure you get a quality wooden furniture at the right price. Please see our catalog of products and get furniture that is in accordance with the wishes and your budget.